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Krazy Daze Discount Coupon Program
We are announcing Krazy Daze Discount Coupon Opportunities to our clients on a  " krazy " who knows when basis.  It will be fun to see who responds to these  "krazy  "emails. We randomly pick a day when specific services will be offered at a special one day krazy radically  discounted price. You only have that day to sign up and pay for a particular service. You also have a limit of daze to come in for the appointment (usually between 5 and 15 days from the date of booking). This helps us keep our book full and it gives you a chance to save some big bucks on our services.
We are talking Krazy Daze and Krazy Prices.  The only way you can qualify for these special offers is to be on our mailing list.  So, if you have friends or family members who could use our services and would like to save some serious money, please fill out the form below or send them the link to this site so they can sign up for these Krazy Daze discounts.  It's easy, all we need is an email address and first  and last name and a cell phone number.
We are offering a $20.00 discount on any of our services to anyone who visits our website and books their first appointment online. Just click on the "schedule now" button below and follow the simple directions for booking on line. Click on the intake form button to your left and then click on the discount coupon button and print out the coupon. You can also  click on this link to learn more about a particular service.
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