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Spring: A Time Of Rebirth
Quantumwave Scalar Laser Therapies
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Spring: A Time Of Rebirth

Spring has finally arrived!!! We have survived another Winter and if you are like I am, you are ready to get outside and clean up the yard.  You are ready to make the necessary repairs to your home so that there is order back in your life.
Our lives are just like the seasons and each of us experience seasonal changes all the time.  We are always in a battle with deterioration and are constantly trying to keep up with the repairs that our bodies need to stay strong and healthy.  We try every pill and ointment that comes along and in most cases make things worse.

Quantumwave Scalar Laser Therapies

Laser Therapy was discovered in the 60’s. Today, thousands of clinical evaluations and over 300 double blind studies confirm its effects in numerous therapeutic applications including the following:
 Wound healing (accelerates formation of granulation tissue, increases epithelial cells, improves trophic condition)
 Anti-inflammatory effect (enhancement of immune response)
 Analgesia (pain relieving)
 Improvement of regenerative processes
 Smoker cessation and weight management and cellulite release