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Spring: A Time Of Rebirth
Quantumwave Scalar Laser Therapies
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Spring: A Time Of Rebirth

Spring has finally arrived!!! We have survived another Winter and if you are like I am, you are ready to get outside and clean up the yard.  You are ready to make the necessary repairs to your home so that there is order back in your life.
Our lives are just like the seasons and each of us experience seasonal changes all the time.  We are always in a battle with deterioration and are constantly trying to keep up with the repairs that our bodies need to stay strong and healthy.  We try every pill and ointment that comes along and in most cases make things worse.  We rely on doctors to help us and all we get from them these days, are more pills and tests and large bill payments.
I have found an amazing new tool to help give us a fighting chance, at helping ourselves win, some of the battles of aging and deterioration.  This tool is called “Quantumwave Scalar Laser”.  QSL is a light amplification device that uses the power and energy of light to help the body grow new cells.  We are made up of billions of various cells.  Each cell has a memory and each cell is replaced continuously.  We literally replace ourselves every 7 to 8 years.
The problem we have is that each cell in our bodies has a memory. When the old cell is ready to die, it transfers its memory over to the new cell and because of this we continue to have old nagging injuries and pain.  This is why we never seem to heal.  The beauty of QSL technology is that it has the power to erase the cellular memory and thereby promote healing; this allows our cells to return to a state of balance and renewed health. QSL provides a way for the body to regenerate damaged cells in organs, blood, bone, muscle, cartilage, skin, etc. etc. 
We have seen some amazing transformations in the relatively short time we have been involved with QSL.  I am excited and hopeful that you will give this life changing therapy a chance to help you help yourselves. For more information about Quantumwave Scalar Laser please go to my new website at or got to You will find a video presentation and hundreds of testimonials and several clinical case studies on the benefits of Laser therapy.
Please call for an appointment or a consultation on how QSL can benefit your condition.  We are offering a special discount price as an introductory offer and are offering therapeutic packages to help with your condition.
Tom Collins LMT QSL Practitioner

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