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Quantumwave Scalar Laser Products are The Gateway to Your Wellness Journey. Jackson and West Tennesse's only distributor
The power of Cold Laser Therapy was discovered in the 60’s. Today, thousands of clinical evaluations and over 300 double blind studies confirm its effects in numerous therapeutic applications.
The effects can be observed in massage therapy, dermatology, neurology, surgery, rheumatology, traumatology, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, dental medicine and veterinary medicine etc.
Cold Laser Therapy devices do not have a thermal effect. This means they provoke no immediate visible skin reactions or sensations during therapy. Cold Laser Therapy is a soft therapy without side effects.  Scalar Wave technology is totally painless and non-invasive.  Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is the application of laser light over injuries, lesions, burns and wounds.  Cold laser is applied over inflamed areas and other disorders to stimulate healing within those tissues and cells.
The benefits of  quantum scalar wave therapy include the following:
Wound healing
Anti-inflammatory effect (enhancement of immune response) Analgesia (pain relieving)
Improvement of regenerative processes
Erase cell memory (Scalarwave Technology)
Stop  Smoking and Lose Weight

In Europe, Canada and Australia, pain management centers use laser treatment as a well-accepted methodology.  It is being used for treatment of traumatic, inflammatory and overuse injuries, pain relief and healing of arthritic lesions, reduction of abscesses and treatment of persistent non-healing wounds such as cold-sores and decubitus or diabetic ulcers. Day spas apply cold laser treatments to unwind the person prior to performing massage therapy.
 Cold  laser therapy has also been used to prevent or minimize keloid (SCAR) formation and adhesion's, to reduce edema, and to reduce pain from surgery and other treatments.
 Healing with light and the use of low level laser therapy can also encourage the formation of collagen and cartilage in damaged joints and the repair of nerves, tendons and ligaments including Achilles tendon tears and carpal tunnel, low back pain injuries or sciatic nerve inflammation.

We are delighted to offer the Quantumwave Scalar Laser to our clients and patients.  If you are experiencing chronic long term pain, chronic low back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain or if you have difficulties in healing wounds our lasers are possibly the answer you have been looking for.
 I am going to share a  pictorial success story with you and if you like the  results please contact us to begin your laser treatments today. The first picture is of  a 72 year old male diabetic whose blood sugar was above 4oo.  He had a very bad tissue breakdown on his great toe.  After just 10 one hour sessions over a period of 36 days, his toe was completely healed.  This patient was non-compliant with his meds and was in real trouble.
Upon the 8th visit his sugar level had also dropped below 200 and the only thing that had changed in his "health" regimen was the introduction of Quantumwave Scalar Laser therapy.  Here are the results:
Diabetic toe before applying cold laser therapy or massage techniques
A Diabetic Toe After 2 Sessions Using the Quantumwave Scalar Laser Therapy  and massage.
Diabetic Toe After 4 Sessions using cold laser for pain management.
After 8 Sessions With The Quantunwave Scalar Laser and pain relief techniques
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This amazing therapy will open up a whole new world to your wellness regimen. The possibilities are endless when you learn how to use this amazing  technology.

We are authorized dealers for Quantumwave Scalar Lasers and we can help you pick the correct Laser Package for your long term needs.
We are the "Gateway" to Your Wellness Journey
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