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Welcome to New Dimensions Integrative Therapies
Jackson/Memphis, Tn
New Dimensions Integrative Therapies located in Jackson and Memphis Tn. provides much more than a massage.  We use a unique approach to relieving chronic pain conditions by utilizing a combination of cold laser therapy, medi-cupping medical massage, orthopedic stretch/release techniques and many other massage modalities. Dramatic results are achieved in conditions such as sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain and chronic knee conditions. We have developed programs to help you lose weight, stop smoking and get rid of cellulite issues. 
At New Dimensions Integrative Therapies in Jackson and Memphis Tn., our philosophy is simple. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness based on the principle that good health is about much more than the absence of illness. We utilize various massage therapy modalities to promote a more effective healing phase.
It is our mission to help you achieve maximum wellness, where all the components of your health, mind, body and spirit, function at their best. We can do this by utilizing a full line of modalities that will enhance all of the components of quality health care. 
     Quantumwave Laser Therapy                       Medicupping
     Soft Tissue Pain Management                       Medical Massage
     Swedish Massage                                                Raindrop Technique
     Emotional Freedom Technique                     Orthopedic Stretch
     Myo-Skeletal Alignment Technique            Body Contouring
     Body Sculpting                                                    Cellulite Release
     Lymphatic Drainage                                        Weight Loss Protocols
     Smoking Cessation                                            Facial Rejuvenation
     Electro-Therapeutic Point Stimulation       
We set the Gold Standard for Non-Invasive Pain Management facilities in the Jackson/Memphis Tn. area. New Dimensions Integrative Therapies provides a safe, soothing and comfortable environment that promotes balance, wellness and a renewed quality of life. We are pleased to offer holistic therapies that can help you relax and indulge, ease aches and pains, relieve stress and tension, improve sleep, detoxify the body and bring yourself into balance, thereby  giving the feeling of well-being you’ve been searching for.
Cold Laser Therapy is offered for a broad range of issues and illnesses such as muscle tears and strains, diabetic ulcer treatments, migraines, frozen shoulder, low back pain and carpal tunnel. We can also help you stop smoking and we offer a weight loss diet program.
Medi-cupping is an incredible therapy, offered for helping the body regain the proper function of lymphatic drainage and also for body sculpting and cellulite removal. Medi-cupping also releases adhesion's which cause low back pain and typically lead to injury. These are just two of the many modalities we use to treat the problem and not just the symptom.
Please consider your choices. You can continue to rely on “conventional medicine” to dole out pharmaceutical drugs with all of their abhorrent side effects. Or, you can treat the problem with nutritional changes, soft tissue pain management protocols and laser therapy to experience real results.  If you give the body what it needs the body will heal itself.
   Thanks for visiting us at New Dimensions Integrative Therapies where we provide much, much  more than massage services.
    Tom Collins

LMT, MATS, Certified Medi-Cupping Therapist, Certified Swe-Thai Therapist, EFT Practitioner, Cold Laser Technician
 We are the
Gateway to Your Wellness Journey
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We are the only pain management center in the Jackson/Memphis Tn area to offer cold laser therapy, medi-cupping and specialized soft tissue pain management massage therapy services.